Face Therapy


Professional peeling
A complete two stage peeling treatment with glycolic acid to brighten your skin. The result is a transparent, uniform and radiant complexion.

40mins £28

Flash Beauty
Anti stress skin care with vitamin c to awaken the skin and give it immediate radiance.

40mins £28

Active eye contour treatment
A complete anti-bags, anti-circles, anti-wrinkle care thanks to the alliance of science and nature. (can be added to any facial treatment for £15)

40mins £28

Beauty garden organic facial
For all skin types. A completely natural organic treatment leaving the skin soft and radiant.

40mins £30

Professional correcting treatment
An intense treatment for oily, problem skin which includes a deep exfoliation and the use of plant active ingredients such as tea tree, resulting in a more even complexion.

1hr £40

Prescription facial
A deep cleansing facial specifically tailored to your individual skin type.

1hr £42

The skin is a living organ that breathes and renews itself. Oxygenating it removes pollution, congestion and accumulation of waste products. This institute facial lightens
the complexion leaving the skin detoxified, fresh and radiant.

1hr 15 £50

A more intense treatment suited to dry/dehydrated skin types. It is a highly moisturising programme, a pure moment of pleasure for the senses as warmers diffuse heat to your back while a snow mask cools your face.

1hr 30 £55

Lift defense 1
An anti-ageing institute facial that introduces a new approach to the battle against time. Tissues once again have body are elastic and wrinkles filled in depth leaving a
firm toned skin.

1hr 30 £58